SOLUTION OPTIONS: Recent Tree Planting Losses

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SOLUTION OPTIONS: Recent Tree Planting Losses

Postby Earl Williamson RN » Apr 12th, 2017, 12:57 pm

Trees Atlanta and KNO Environmental have come up with the following options for residents on Murray Hill, Cottage Grove, 1st Ave, and Wisteria Way whose trees died out three weeks post planting. These were almost all crab apples infected by canker and beetles. Look these over, ask questions, and let me know your preferences by Wednesday 4/19 to

1. Trees Atlanta will install 7 gallon size Appalachian Snow Dogwood in about a week and a half to replace losses. These are smaller than the 10 gallon size first planted. To compensate for the smaller size and planting out of season Trees Atlanta crews will water weekly and evaluate tree health at intervals.

2. Residents who lost plantings can wait until this coming early October (start of planting season) and receive 10 gallon plantings and get first pick from the species list for the 2017-18 planting season. We will NOT be using crab apples as these may be developing into a host species for canker and beetles. The available replacement for those will be a flowering cherry specie.

Trees Atlanta and KNO Environmental appreciate your patience. The Trees Atl folk are way unhappy because their track record for years has been well above 90% long term survival of roadside plantings and they hate the way Murray Hill ended up looking.
Let me know your wishes and thoughts. Thanks!
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