Mission Statement

Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization: values and beliefs, mission and goals

Values and Beliefs:

  • Leadership on community issues.
  • Environmental stewardship.
  • Preservation of historic integrity.
  • Honest and Open Communication with respect for all views.
  • Civic pride.
  • Promotion of vested participation in Kirkwood.
  • Volunteerism.
  • A right to a safe, clean and child friendly community.
  • Preservation our neighborhood for future generations.
  • Appreciation of social and intellectual diversity.


To promote the spirit of an intown neighborhood and a high quality of life for all residents of Kirkwood, regardless of race, age, religion, sexual orientation or economic status by empowering its residents through:

  • Education.
  • Communication.
  • Environmental Stewardship.
  • Public Safety.
  • Economic Development in accordance with the historic nature of Kirkwood and community standards.
  • The application of public, private, social and economic resources to strengthen the community and create positive change.


  • To increase the number of members, the level of their participation and community awareness of KNO.
  • To educate our membership and the community at large by disseminating information regarding the neighborhood and city-wide issues and acting as a conduit between the community our local governments.
  • To reclaim the physical environment, both natural and built.
  • To preserve the residential and historic integrity of Kirkwood.
  • To encourage economic development that complements the residential and historic character nature of Kirkwood.
  • To encourage more personal and social interaction between neighbors and among other community entities.