You Are Needed

The Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization needs the residents of Kirkwood to lend a hand in the many volunteer opportunities that will arise this year. You do not have to be skilled to take part in most of them. You can help improve our schools, parks, and the bonds to our businesses, police and firefighters. Our biggest fundraiser is our Spring Fling and Tour of Homes. Each year the proceeds from this event help our organization fund many Kirkwood projects. Our parks and schools could really use your assistance. No matter how big or small, how much or how little, your help will prove invaluable to helping make Kirkwood a better place to live, work and play.

It’s Rewarding

Volunteering gives you an opportunity to make a difference in Kirkwood. You can use your skills and experience to help and enrich our community.

It Improves Job Prospects & Employment

In this tough economy when many of us are unemployed, volunteering can enhance your future employment prospects and enable employers to see that you have developed the necessary skills you may need in their organization. It is especially useful when completing application forms and during job interviews to illustrate the skills you have developed through these voluntary experiences.

Volunteering gives you a chance to get experience doing something different from your current skills. Many of the volunteer projects will include training, which will be useful both on the project and in later life. Volunteering gives you the chance to meet people both from within and outside the Kirkwood community who you would not normally come across. Volunteering can help you build bonds with members of the Kirkwood community. Volunteering is fun and fulfilling, allowing you to experience many diverse opportunities not always available to you elsewhere.